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Professional Digital marketing Consultant, specialize in industries that are related to Tech Field, eCommerce, and Innovation Technology. He's the Founder and CEO at Aluth Media and few other businesses that are related to eCommerce and technologies.

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My Goal

Aluth, a brand I started in 2010, is now gaining popularity in many countries around the world. My only goal is to make Aluth's name shine in the eyes of the world as a technology website.

Article Writing 95%
Web Development 75%
Social Media Marketing 65%

Blogger customize

To change the design of Bloggers (blogspot) look, I'm customized HTML, CSS, JavaScript codes.

Guest post publishing

I will guest post on my tech blog '' with dofollow backlink.Your Software, App, Product, service Review.

Responsive Design

Your website should effectively deliver key information about your company to your potential customers and investors.

Social media marketing

I give advices on how to reach your brand, promote a product or service to the public through social media sites.

Technology Advisor

As technology rapidly evolves, it's more important than ever to have an innovation advisor on your side.

Fast support

Provided to help customers resolve any technical problems that they may have with a product or service.

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    70600, Eheliyagoda, Sri Lanka.



    +94 70 360 85 16


    +94 70 360 85 16

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